What our customers say about us

Just take a look at a selection of feedback we've received about our products.



“I recently purchased a bottle of spray on Demon Shine and am amazed by the results.  I was sceptical about the claims on the bottle, but after using it, I know the claims are fully justified. Not only did I polish my car in under 20 minutes, but the shine was absolutely incredible, and it was achieved with very little effort.”
(Ms A, Cheshire)

“I recently purchased a bottle of Demon Shine, and I was surprised to find something that actually worked!”
(Mr S, Norfolk)

“Here are just a few lines to say how impressed I am with your Demon Shine product….I will be recommending it in the trade and to all my family and friends”
(Mr H, Derbyshire)

' I have waited 50 years for a Car Wax like Demon Shine, how do you get a shine like this? Well Demon Shine does what it says on the label'                                                                            (Mr J, Bilby)


"I have been using Triplewax Car Shampoo for the last 10 years and I have to say that its by far the best car shampoo I have ever used.  I have tried other brands, but nothing matches the shine that Triplewax gives to my cars.  I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product"
(Mr F, Ireland)

"I have just started to use Triplewax ...... I can honestly say my car has NEVER LOOKED BETTER ...... The depth of shine and lustre on the paintwork and the chrome indicates a durable gloss which adds to the appearance of an already beautiful car and gives me confidence for a maintained high level of protection on the bodywork ...... The ease of use of Triplewax is amazing ...... Triplewax is quick, effortless to use and the result better than anything that I have previously used."

(Mr W, via Email)

"Just to express my appreciation of "Wonder Wheels" ...... having read various recommendations of your products, I decided to try Wonder Wheels.  15 mins later, I washed off the residue, and could not believe my eyes!  Wheels absolutely as new!  I think you should rename your product Miracle Wheels, as there is no better description!"
(Mr G, via email)

"This is a quick letter to say how pleased I was with your wonder wheels product ...... My car is eight years old and I have the original alloys, so you can imagine the state of them ...... so it was a big job (all so I thought!) but using your Wonder Wheels made the big job, a small job with a great turn out in the end. Thank you and I'm sure I will use your products all over again."
(Ms B, Wiltshire)


"I have just used T-Cut Color Fast for the first time. Although I use alot of your products this one performed brilliantly ...... What a fantastic product ..... Thank You!"
(Mr N, via email)

"I am writing this email to tell you how pleased I am with your  T-Cut ..... This is the first time I have used your products on a full car and I am overwhelmed with the results ...... Anyway I felt I just had to write to you and let you know what a difference your products make ...... Thanks again, keep up the good work."
(Mr M, via email)